Reputation to what end?

It has your attention — it also accounts for over 50% of the total value of the S&P 500 and explains at least 60% of your customers’ purchase behavior — and is on the minds of every board member and your CEO. But all this is just the tip of the iceberg...

Reputation risk management is not enough.

The barriers are consistent: subjectivity, siloes, and a crisis mindset. In response, we draw on years of experience advising leading organizations who have taken these challenges head-on to offer a low-tech, high-touch, cross-functional approach — customized for your organization. What are you doing to help a nervous CEO and Board of Directors?

73% Percentage of Board Members who feel vulnerable to Reputation Risk.

39% Percentage of those Board Members who have a plan to address it.

Reputation must clearly link to business results.

Your business has a growth problem. How do you convince leadership that your corporate narrative is the solution? You need the right analytics and you need to partner with Marketing or Sales to engage directly with customers and potential customers. How do you integrate the right messages into the right channels aimed at the people who matter most — with total confidence the right combination will drive results?

Corporate messaging initiative leads to 8% sales lift and 63% increase in customer retention — client parlays success into global program.

Reputation metrics should serve you, not the other way around.

Today, companies with long-standing measurement and tracking programs are pulling up and revamping their approach to find a way to make their insights more actionable. You need numbers that help you understand, plan and measure success geared towards outcomes — not outputs. How can you simplify, strengthen and take control of the metrics your function brings to the leadership team?

Successful reputation measurement initiatives should always tie back to business outcomes — not outputs.

I believe in corporate reputation and its potential to drive competitive advantage. We needed smart people who could advise us and unlock the most influential aspects of it for Sprint — Anthony and his team helped us do just that.

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Dan Hesse

Former President & CEO, Sprint Corporation