No matter what end you seek, you need to know where to invest.

The right question might not be immediately clear but identifying it will be crucial to your success. We partner with leaders to specifically define the links between reputation (“the means”) and your business goals (“the ends”).

Risk, growth, or better numbers? What makes reputation relevant to your CEO and Board?

Knowing what drives action within your organization will provide clarity of purpose and serve as a constant reminder — and asset — as you move your organization forward on its Reputation Journey.

01 Risk

Reputation risk is the largest, scariest and least manageable of all operational risks, by far.

Where are the risk models, insurance products and off-the-shelf mitigation plans? Maybe none of the traditional risk-smoothing tools work. Wouldn’t it be nice if organizations had a way to get in front of reputation risk?

02 Growth

Organizations seeking growth are now subject to the rules of today’s Reputation Economy.

As potential customers, employees, investors and key influencers increasingly consider who you are and what you stand for before making decisions to engage with you, the risk of not embracing this new reality has become too big to ignore. Advertising and sales messages don’t work like they used to — wouldn’t you like to show the way to increase their impact?

03 Metrics

Research is a means to an end, not an end unto itself.

Why do organizations start measuring reputation in the first place? Do they know what the numbers mean in terms of their business? And can leaders explain that connection to the C-suite? If you’re asking these types of questions, it may be time for your organization to understand its Reputation Value Equation.